Colorado Open Records Act With Todd Shepherd

Welcome to Independence Institute's class about how to use the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) to obtain information from Colorado governmental agencies.  Todd Shepherd, reporter and researcher for Independence Institute, developed this class to help private citizens learn how to use the Colorado Open Records Act to obtain information from governmental agencies and the best practices for obtaining that information. 

Below, you will find a 29:55 minute video of Todd explaining the ins and outs of using CORA.  Once you have watched the video you can request membership in our CORA discussion group and discuss questions you have, share success stories with others, or simply see what others are saying about this subject.

This class is brought to you, free of charge, by Independence Institute.

Class Links

Click on the picture to access the Student Press Law Center website referred to in the video.

Click on the picture to access the Michie's website referred to in the video.

Discussion Forum

There are two options for participating in the Discussion forum.  To participate fully on the Google group site you must have a free Google account.
Best option
If you do have an account or wish to sign up for one for free, click on the Google groups picture above and you will be prompted to enter your account information or create an account.  You will then be taken to a request form to join the conversation.  Fill that out, and within 24 business hours you will be welcomed to the discussion and can post your questions, thoughts and success stories with others who are working with CORA as well.

If you do not wish to sign up for a Google account you can join the group by emailing a request to join to this address:,  or by clicking here. Once you have been accepted into the group you will be able to participate in the group via email.